Un Autre Journal : 4 years of madness
2012 - 2016, collective photography project

« The photography was taking more and more of my awake time and I was no longer swallowing too many pills but films that unknowingly replaced my medical treatment. I slept less in order to snatch images from time that appealed to me ».
Wilfreed Obame (project participant)

Un Autre Journal is a collective work, created by a group of people suffering from mental illnesses in Marseilles. The project stands on the border between healthy and normal, artist and amateur. These powerful visions break down the walls. There is a fine line between the inner-self and the outside world. Undefinable feelings emerge. Each participant was given a point-and-shoot camera to take pictures of their daily life. Weekly meeting were organized outside of the hospital to look at and discuss their work.

We created newspapers, multimedia pieces and exhibitions and in 2017 a retrospective book was published with Image Plurielles. Using visual language as a means of expression has turned out to be a powerful tool for personal empowerment. More information is available at Dekadrage (in french). Below is a selection of the work produced during the workshop.